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Quality & Environmental Initiatives

Quality and Environmental Policy

We continuously offer promising products while protecting global environment.

  • 1.Ensure that improvement of company’s activities quality will make the products quality higher and high consciousness to environment. We are striving to propagate it to be understand across our entire organization.
  • 2.We comply with applicable laws and regulations related to the environment, and continuously improve corporate activities for the environment.
  • 3.Ensure our products, services, and technologies meet and/or customer requirements.
  • 4.We offer products with consideration toward the environment, and promote the activity for reduction of waste and hazardous materials to lower the environmental impact.
    April?10th, 2015? Mipox Corporation Jun Watanabe, President

Jun Watanabe, President

Environment-Conscious Facilities

LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) Boiler

Compared with petroleum, LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) generates less CO2 and NOx(nitrogen oxide), and generates no SOx(sulphur oxide) and soot dust. We are making maximum efforts to reduce harmful emissions by changing the heat source to LNG, and to improve energy efficiency by installing up-to-date equipments.


RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

A device called RTO treats the VOC emissions (volatile organic compound emissions) that are discharged in the drying process of Mipox Film. Once treated in RTO’s burning process, the gas becomes free of harmful substances. Our facilities utilize the waste heat from the RTO burning process as the source to heat a boiler. With RTO, Mipox Plants meet VOC Emission regulations under the Air Pollution Control Act.

蓄熱式直接燃焼装置 RTO
蓄熱式直接燃焼装置 RTO

Photovoltaic System

Mipox Plants are equipped with photovoltaic panels, totaling 810 pieces on the rooftop and panel racks. The maximum output capacity is 120KW. The electricity generated from these panels is used to power our facility, and it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions by approximately 52 tons annually.


Replacable Deodorizin Tower for VOC
(Volatile Organic Compounds) Emission

This is a device to reuse VOC generated in the process of film coating as energy. Gas deodorizing is procesed by placing a deodorization tower filled with activated charcoal outside the site of gas emission.

交換式排ガス処理装置 Rinkuru
交換式排ガス処理装置 Rinkuru