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Press Release

Announcement regarding the Acquisition of Fixed Assets
(New Plant Construction)

In accordance with resolutions at the Board of Directors held on March 5, 2018, Mipox Corporation (hereafter the “Company”) announced today that the Company would construct a new plant. Details of the acquisition of fixed assets (New Plant Construction) are provided below.

1. Reasons for the Acquisition of Fixed Assets (New Plant Construction)
To meet with increasing demands for contracted businesses, the Company has been endeavoring to boost the production capacity at the Yamanashi Plant, which is a domestic production plant of the Company, but the main production facility for the contracted businesses is already operating at its maximum capacity.
A new plant at the Kaminoshima industrial park in Nagasaki prefecture would allow the Company to expand the numbers of contracted businesses it takes and meet the requests currently received from its business partners to expand the production capacity of the Company.
Further, from the perspective of BCP (Business Continuity Planning), the Company believes that establishing production bases in Nagasaki prefecture where earthquakes seldom occur would contribute to the diversification of the risks relating to the production system.

2. The Detail of New Plant Construction

(1) Name of the plant Nagasaki Plant (tentative name)
(2) Location 526-46 Kaminoshima-machi 3-chome, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki prefecture
(3) Site area 18,694.41 m²
(4) Total investment Approximately 2.2 billion yen (land, building, equipment)

3. Dates relating to the Acquisition

(1) Acquisition of land March 16, 2018 (planned)
(2) Commencement of the Construction August 2018 (planned)
(3) Completion of the Construction December 2019 (planned)

4. Business Review
There is no revision in the business performance outlook for the period ending March 2018 due to the acquisition of fixed assets (New Plant Construction).