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Mipox combines our core technologies of coating, slitting, and polishing to provide products and services that create added value for our customers' success.

Mipox's 'Coating,' 'Slitting,' 'Polishing

NURU - 塗る -


We uniformly apply formulated resin-based coatings to substrates such as PET films, copper foils, woven fabrics, and papers. In addition to our own products such as polishing materials and reflective films, we can also achieve the manufacturing of functional films tailored to your needs through the use of multiple coating machines that we possess.

KIRU - 切る -


The film coated with various types of paints including polishing paints and those used for functional films is cut (slitted). With precise cutting and winding of any type of paint, we can provide high-quality products.

MIGAKU - 磨く -


Mipox's polishing film products, born from the combination of the "coating" and "slitting" technologies.
We have been conducting research on the polishing process using our own polishing materials and unique polishing equipment in order to develop products with a thorough customer perspective. This technology is also provided as a polishing service to meet our customers' needs.

Mipox aims to become a professional in the polishing market by applying its high-precision polishing technology developed in the high-tech industry to the polishing of next-generation semiconductor wafers.

We offer not only a product business that manufactures and sells polishing materials such as polishing films and slurries (liquid polishing agents) created by the "coating," "slitting," and "polishing" technologies, but also coating and slitting processing services utilizing the technologies of "coating" and "slitting," and polishing processing services utilizing the technology of "polishing."

Product Business

We manufacture consumable items such as polishing films and liquid polishing agents for rough polishing processing of products including aircraft, ships, automobile bodies, woodworking components for musical instruments and building materials, as well as for high-tech fields such as hard disks, optical fibers, and semiconductors that require high-precision polishing performance.

We also develop and sell polishing equipment for using these polishing materials, as well as observation equipment for inspecting the polishing accuracy. In addition, we manufacture and sell reflective products under the brand name RefLite, which are created through the combination of our "coating" and "slitting" technologies.

Polishing Products


We manufacture and sell a wide range of polishing-related products, including precision polishing materials such as polishing films and liquid polishing agents (slurries), as well as dedicated polishing equipment, mainly for applications that require high-precision polishing performance such as hard disks, optical fibers, and semiconductors.

We will provide cutting-edge precision polishing solutions tailored to your needs.

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General Polishing

As the first waterproof abrasive paper manufacturer in Japan (formerly known as Nihon Kenshi), we manufacture and sell a wide range of polishing materials, including abrasive paper, polishing cloth, non-woven fabric, and fiber disks, for various fields such as woodworking, musical instruments, plastics, and metals. Our products are supplied to industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, and industrial machinery.

We offer a wide range of polishing materials for rough to intermediate polishing.

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Polishing Equipment

We offer a semiconductor wafer dedicated polishing equipment that maximizes the functionality of Mipox's polishing films. 

Using our proprietary polishing films and the film polishing method, we achieve ultra-fine surface control that cannot be achieved by grinding with abrasives or advantageous abrasive grain methods.

Observation Equipment 

A defect evaluation device that visualizes crystal defects and internal strains present in SiC wafers, which are attracting attention as materials for power semiconductors, with high sensitivity and in real-time, and promotes a significant increase in productivity.

Retroreflective Materials

We offer products under our recursivity reflective material brand "RefLite," which involves applying reflective bead-filled paint to substrates such as woven fabric and PET film. By uniformly applying this paint, we achieve a highly reflective material that reflects from any angle, meeting the standards required by government agencies such as the police and fire departments, as well as providing products for the apparel industry.

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Processing Service Business

Coating and Slitting Services

We leverage our coating and slitting (slitting) technology developed through our product business, and provide a manufacturing service for functional films such as conductive films and optical OCA films by receiving materials provided by clients and carrying out coating, blending, and slitting with Mipox-owned equipment.

We offer a choice of clean environments (from level 100) to match your desired coating width, coating solution, and substrate material.

Polishing Service

We provide polishing services for a wide range of materials and processing objects, from precision electronics such as semiconductors to surface smoothing treatments for 3D printed products, leveraging the technology and expertise we have cultivated through our polishing equipment, polishing materials, and their utilization. Through our high-precision polishing technology, we aim to challenge difficult-to-cut materials and create high-added-value products.