Corporate Philosophy and Management Style

Corporate Philosophy


Change The World by Our Converting and Polishing Technologies.

Since our founding in 1925, we have developed along with our core technology "Coating," "Slitting," and "Polishing" cultivated over the years. Through this core technology, we will support the change of the world as our mission.


Japanese No.1 Abrasive Manufacturer and Niche Top Converter.

As Japanese No. 1 abrasive manufacturer, we will continue to be trusted from all over the world.
We will continue to be at the top in the niche area all the time.


Ownership/One Step Forward/Connected.

Manufacturing: "Safety first, then providing Reasonable products and services"

Sales: "Customer Success with our products and services"

Development: "Change Now and Creating New Value by our Technologies"

Corporate: "Create an environment that supports growth and peace of mind to change the world"

Mipox Philosophy

We have many offices overseas and employees with different languages and culture. In such an environment, we undertake business activity following “Mipox Philosophy” to realize our “Mission,” “Vision,” and “Value.”

Management Style

  • Add values to product business with engineering approach
  • Change from OEM business to Engineering Service
  • Improvement the Management base supporting rapid changes and diversity

About Mipox's "Engineering"

Mipox's "Engineering" represents the spirit and attitude that keeps adding value to society and customers. Mipox will continue to challenge as a professional and change the world by embodying what society and customers want to realize. In addition, Mipox will promote diverse ways of working style that creates added value for customer's success.