Production System

Mipox Production System

We aim to establish an optimal production system by having production bases both domestically and internationally, in order to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

About Production System


  • Product business
  • Engineering services
    (Coating and slitting service)
  • Wafer processing
    (Polishing service)

Related products

  • Polishing Materials
  • Functional Films
  • Reflective Materials



A product manufactured in a sheet form and then wound into a roll shape


Clean room.
a dust-free room with controlled air purity.


Strengthening and streamlining of production system through domestic production.

our production system through consolidation of facilities and personnel mainly at our Kanuma Plant in Tochigi.

Improved Service through Immediate Delivery System

We have established a system for immediate delivery by using our Kanuma and Fukuyama facilities as logistics bases in the east and west. This is to improve our service to our customers.

Operation of in-house delivery trucks.

We will achieve a reduction in production lead time and greater flexibility in inventory movement by operating our own inter-facility delivery trucks.