The Mipox Advantage

We utilize our core technology to address our customers' needs with a thorough customer-centric approach and our accumulated expertise in the high-tech industry. Our extensive experience in areas such as [specific examples of high-tech expertise] allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Polishing technology cultivated in the field of high-tech applications.

Mipox's products and services are also used in high-tech industries such as hard disks, optical fibers, and semiconductors. The high precision and performance cultivated in that world are applied to products that require strict requirements and challenging specifications. Our ultra-precision polishing technology can also be utilized for processing difficult-to-machine materials.

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Shared resources between the product business and the contract service business.

Our product and contract service businesses share resources such as equipment and personnel, which contributes to the accumulation of technical expertise and know-how. The expertise and know-how accumulated here are leveraged to create high value-added products and services, serving as a source for meeting diverse customer needs.

Product business

Products of polishing materials for all applications and technical know-how.

We have accumulated technical expertise and know-how as a polishing material manufacturer and offer a diverse range of polishing materials for various applications, from general to high-tech. We can suggest products and polishing processes tailored to your needs.

Providing prototyping support from just a cup of paint through our coating and slitting services.

In our coating service, we can accommodate the needs of customers who want to produce small quantities of prototype products using expensive materials, by accepting orders from just a cup of coating liquid.

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Delivering semiconductor wafers with one-stop solution services.

We offer a "one-stop solution" type of service for polishing semiconductor wafers, which manages the manufacturing processes of each wafer (polishing, cleaning, bonding, etc.) as a whole. We deliver semiconductor wafers with high quality and appropriate delivery time.

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Production system

We aim to establish an optimal production system by having production bases both domestically and internationally, in order to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

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