CEO Message

A 100-year-old Venture
that Never Forgets to Change

CEO Jun  Watanabe

Founded in 1925 as a subsidiary of German L. Raybould Mercantile Establishment, we engage mainly in the production of colored foil used in publications while selling imported pigments. Based on the “Coating” and “Slitting” techniques nurtured through production of colored foil since the latter 1960s, we developed a polishing film for use in the manufacturing process of precision parts, establishing three core technologies of “Coating,” “Slitting,” and “Polishing.”

After developing as a manufacturer specializing in precision abrasives, an engineering service (commissioned coating) was launched in early 2000 to offer our core technology of coating as a service. After overcoming a crisis that plagued the company for the first time since its founding between 2008 and 2010, we launched a wafer process (commissioned polishing) that offers polishing as a service and worked to “Change The World by Our Converting and Polishing Technologies.” In 2016, Nihon Kenshi, a manufacturer of coated abrasives, joined us, and we expanded our lineups in the Product Business.

It will be almost 100 years since the company’s founding. In order to sustain our business for a long time, we must adapt to change while being sensitive to rapidly changing technologies and values in the world. So as to meet the needs of these times, we will further enhance the core technologies we have developed, while aggressively taking on new business challenges and aiming to become the partner of choice for customers around the world through products and services that are needed in the world.

Mipox will continue to be a group that keeps on making changes with an aim to become a 100-year-old venture that never forgets to change.

We would appreciate your continued support and patronage.

代表取締役社長 渡邉 淳代表取締役社長 渡邉 淳