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Core Technologies

Technologies topped out “Coating, Slitting, Polishing and Inspection”

Mipox has been expanding business based on “Coating”, “Slitting” and “Polishing” by applying foil production technology.

As a result of achievement of ultra-fine surface and improvement of inspection systems, “Inspection” is added to our core technologies and “Coating, Slitting, Polishing and Inspection” are our current core technologies

We focusing not only on production but also on contract business.

There are no companies except us dealing both contract and production business in abrasive industry.


Providing one-stop solution

Other than polishing film and liquid polishing compound, we are handling polishing machine. This makes us possible not only to operate contract processing but to provide solution from users’ point of view.

We are making great contribution to the users in terms of efficiency by building up a one-stop system enabling us from product provision to R&D and processing.
If you have any inquiries about polishing, please feel free to contact us.


What is “Open-Visible Labo…?

“Open-Visible Labo” equipped with various types of polishing machines capable of handling all types of material form, is attached to Mipox headquarter. Polishing demonstration and evaluation are conducted in this laboratory

In our laboratory, we are open to collaboration with customers other than selecting appropriate polishing materials and polishing machines.

We are receiving great reputation from customers by contribution to efficiency and yield improvement of production line.

We are open to accept any inquiries about materials hard to process and new materials such as SiC and GaN. Please feel free to contact.

What we can do in “Open-Visible Labo”

  • Selection and trial use of polishing materials and polishing machine

    We have various types of polishing machines applicable to all types of material form and customers can select the most appropriate material and polishing materials based on evaluated results.

  • Consultation on materials hard to process

    We would like customers to try our polishing machine with materials hard to process and workpieces declined to polish from other companies.

  • Necessary data for further discussion is available!

    Necessary data or further discussion is available. This enables customers to improve time and cost efficiency of R&D.

Production System

Production System