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Our Strength

Competitive in polishing technology

  Polishing film method Glinding method and Other polishing method
Polishing Device simple system complicated system
easy to combine with other devices and process tend to be multifunctional
easy to customize depending on usage lack of flexibility (machines for general use and machines for specific use)
Polishing Material easy to control surface quality to process requires complicated operation to change finished surface
user friendly requires experience and knowledge to handle
various workpieces (materials) to process limited workpieces (materials) to process
Process safe dangerous points and processes (high RPM, chemicals)
clean and environment friendly (less waste) higher environmental burden, frequent use of liquor waste and chemicals
able to process complicated workpieces (materials) limited workpieces to process (only applicable to flat surface)

Well-developed overseas locations

We have extensive overseas locations mainly in Asia.

Mipox expands overseas locations mainly around Asia. We are pursuing globalization to be a world’s leading company.

Map of Overseas Locations

One-stop solution of polishing

Mipox provides broad range of polishing materials from polishing films to slurry(liquid polishing compound) and polisher to polishing devices.

Rather than being a supplier just provide polishing products, we are offering one-stop-service covering broad range of services such as quality measurement, contracted polishing services, R&D, and consulting as a global niche top company in polishing area.


We are delighted to receive any inquiries about polishing!

Mipox is delighted to use our accumulated knowledge on polishing for customers.

Our consulting team is open to any inquiries about polishing dealing with materials such as SiC、GaN which are difficult to process.

In our Open Labo, We are demonstrating polishing with our devices capable of dealing with various kinds of workpieces by using workpieces of customers.