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Message from the President

Mipox will continue to challenge as a professional and change the world by embodying what society and customers want to realize.
PresidentJun Watanabe

We started business as an importer of German pigment in 1925 and entered the polishing field in the late 1960s.
While our business is very niche, we have grown along with the times by expanding our product usage to the high-tech area, such as hard disk and optical fiber, based on our core technology: "Coating", "Slitting", and "Polishing". Recently, Nihon Kenshi Co., Ltd. has joined mipox, we are expanding our business into the general polishing Field.

Even in New Normal, the needs for "Coating", "Slitting", and "Polishing" will continue. In addition to high-tech such as new material for semiconductors, 5G, IoT, and data storage that stores information worldwide.
We are also working on new technologies following the core technology of "Coating", "Slitting", and "Polishing" and will put effort into inspection equipment focus on "Observing".
In the coming era, we cannot expect corporate growth by merely providing value to our customers.
We aim to be an autonomous self-propelled organization by accepting diverse values, recognizing various work styles, and providing equal educational opportunities so that employees who are the drivers of corporate growth can maximize their abilities.