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Company Profile & History

Company Profile

Corporate Name

Mipox Corporation


November 21, 1925


December 12, 1941

President & CEO

Jun Watanabe


31F, Shinjuku Nomura Building,1-26-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 163-0531





Stock Market

Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ

Stock Code



November 1925

GERMAN Pigment Partnership established through a spin-off of the pigment and foil division of L.Raybould Mercantile Establishment.L.LEYBOLT SHOKWAN

December 1941
Re-established as German Pigment Co., Ltd..
May 1948
New plant opened in Kami-ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
January 1961
Comprehensive plant newly opened in Akishima,Tokyo
September 1970
Started sales of the Finishing Tape brand of polishing tapes.
September 1978
Electron microscopes introduced to strengthen quality control.
December 1980
First ever clean room built for a polishing tape manufacturer at the Akishima Plant.
April 1981
Corporate name changed to Nihon Micro Coating Co., Ltd.
Product brand was unified as MIPOX.
August 1983
New company office building built in the Akishima Plant premises The clean room extended.
March 1984
Yamanashi Micro Coating Co., Ltd. established - now the Yamanashi Plant.
October 1986
Headquaters relocated to Akishima, Tokyo.
September 1987
MIPOX Co., Ltd. established.
November 1989
MIPOX International Corporation (MIC) established in California, USA.
August 1993
LCD panel cleaner developed.
February 1994
Silicon wafer edge polisher developed.
October 1995
Polishing slurry developed.
July 1996
Representative office established in Malaysia.
August 1997
MIPOX Malaysia SDN. BHD. (MMS) established.
March 2000
Yamanashi Plant achieved ISO14001 certification.
November 2000
Akishima Plant achieved ISO14001 certification.
February 2001
Stock listed on the over-the-counter market
Capital increased to \1,998.7 million.
August 2001
MIPOX Malaysia SDN. BHD. achieved ISO9001:2000 certification.
November 2001
Representative office established in Shanghai, China.
March 2002
MIPOX International Corporation achieved ISO9001:2000 certification.
March 2003
Akishima Head Office, Akishima Plant and Yamanashi Plant achieved 9001:2000 certification.
August 2003
MIPOX International Trading (Shanghai) Corporation. (MIS) established.
July 2004
Taiwan Branch established.
December 2004
Corporate name of MIPOX International Trading (Shanghai) Corporation changed to MIPOX Precision Polishing Product (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. - manufacturing and trading enterprise.
April 2005
Korea Branch established.
November 2005
MIPOX Precision Polishing Product (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. (MIB) established.
March 2006
MIPOX Precision Polishing Product (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
achieved ISO9001:2000 certification.
January 2007
MIPOX Singapore Pte. Ltd. established.
August 2007
JM energy , joint Venture Company , established.
May 2008
All of the stock holding of JM energy, joint Venture Company is transferred.
June 2008
Korea Branch closed.
June 2008
Jun Watanabe assumed President & CEO.
June 2009
Business alliance with RIKEN CORUNDUM Co.,Ltd.
January 2010
MIPOX Precision Polishing Product (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. (MIB) closed.
October 2011
MIPOX Precision Polishing Product (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Wuhan BRANCH (MIW) established.
February 2012
MIPOX (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (MST) established.
July 2012
MIPOX Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd. (MAI) established.
April 2013
MIPOX Asia Pte. Ltd. (MAP) (Old name MIPOX Singapore Pte. Ltd.) is made a wholly owned subsidiary.
July 2013
Changed of Brand LOGO.
August 2013
Company name changed to Mipox Corporation.
August 2013
Headquaters relocated to Tachikawa, Tokyo.
December 2013
Representative office established in Thailand.
January 2014
Changed Taiwan Branch to Taiwan Representative office.
April 2014
Representative office established in Philippines.
July 2015
Precision Converting Co., LTD., joint Venture Company, established in Thailand.
September 2015
MIPOX Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd. started manufacturing operation.
December 2015
Mipox Kyoto Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary, established.
January 2016
Yamanashi plant renovated the building B04 and started 'One Office' concept.
July 2016
Nihon Kenshi Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, established.
October 2016
Representative office established in Vietnam.
February 2017
Headquaters relocated to Shinjuku, Tokyo.
October 2017
Mipox Kyoto Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary, merged into Mipox Corporation.
January 2018
Mipox (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(MTC) established.
May 2018
Representative office established in Thailand closed.