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Building a Business Teaming Agreement With International TestSolutions, Inc.

Mipox has announced it reached business teaming agreement with International Test Solutions, Inc. ("ITS") for providing substantialvalue to customers in the semiconductor wafer and package test industries.

Founded in 1998, ITS is a specialized supplier of cleaning products used in semiconductor wafer and package test industries,headquartered in Nevada, USA. ITS holds numerous patents regarding this fi eld and provides highly engineered products on aglobal scale.

Through the establishment of this teaming agreement, Mipox and ITS will develop new cleaning materials specifi cally designed forthe semiconductor industry. Mipox can utilize the patents owned by ITS and feedback from ITS with advanced applicationengineering support in semiconductor wafer and package process for product development. ITS can receive stable supply of high-quality and high-performance products from Mipox.

Through the newly developed products, it becomes possible to supply the market with the high-quality and high-performancecleaning products superior to existing products, which can greatly contribute to the success of customers.

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