IR News Release

Regarding Integration of Sales Functions of Consolidated Subsidiary

We would like to inform that the sales function of Nihon Kenshi Co., Ltd.(hereafter“Nihon Kenshi”), our wholly-owned consolidated subsidiary, will be integrated on October 1, 2019. Accordingly, the domestic sales offices of Nihon Kenshi will be integrated into Mipox Co., Ltd.(hereafter“Mipox”) on the same day as follows.

  • Reasons for Integrating Sales Functions
    Since making Nihon Kenshi a consolidated subsidiary in July 2016, Mipox has promoted a system for cross-selling of Mipox products and Nihon Kenshi products. Now that the internal structure has been completed. Going forward, Mipox will increase the opportunities to provide customer value by mixing the traditional Nihon Kenshi's area sales and Mipox's proposal of high value-added products and services.
  • Sales Offices Subject to Integration
    • Sendai Sales Office
    • Tokyo Sales Office
    • Hamamatsu Sales Office
    • Nagoya Sales Office
    • Osaka Sales Office
    • Takamatsu Sales Office
    • Hiroshima Sales Office
    • Fukuoka Sales Office
      *No change in address and contact information.
  • Effect on Profit
    The impact on business performance will be minor.