Financial Data

Download financial data in Excel format.

Download financial data.


・Consolidated Balance Sheet
・Consolidated Income Statement
・Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
・Segment Profit and Loss
・Financial Indicators(EBITDA、EBITDA Margin、Quarter-over-Quarter Sales Growth Rate、Gross Profit Margin、Operating Profit Margin、Earnings Before Interest and Taxes Margin、Net Profit Margin、Selling, General, and Administrative Expense Ratio、ROA、ROE、Total Asset Turnover、Financial Leverage、Current Ratio、Equity Ratio、Fixed Asset Ratio、)
We take significant precautions when converting data for publication. However, please be aware that there is a possibility of inaccuracies in the information due to third-party intentional tampering, mechanical defects caused by equipment malfunctions, or other unforeseeable circumstances. For detailed information regarding financial statements and related matters, please refer to the disclosed information.