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Notice of Termination of Contract with International Test Solutions

April 27, 2023

Mipox Corporation announces the termination of its business partnership with International Test Solutions, Inc. ("ITS"), a Nevada-based company with whom it has been supplying products for the cleaning field in semiconductor wafer and package testing processes since 2018.

With the termination of this business partnership, Mipox will be able to independently introduce products to the market through its existing sales channels at a speedy and appropriate price point.

Existing Distributors:
North America: MGN International Inc.
South Korea: Daeyang Hi-Tech Co.
Southeast Asia: FINPRO SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD., CSM Excel Sdn. Bhd.
Europe: SPS-International
Others: Domestically and in China, among other places.

In particular, we will now be able to flexibly respond to various needs, such as the increasing demand for heat and cold resistance, low chlorine content, and the miniaturization and narrow pitch of contact probes for cleaning products in the next-generation semiconductor market. This will accelerate our internal development towards the release of new products.

Moving forward, Mipox will continue to contribute to the high performance of semiconductors through our core technologies of coating, slitting, and polishing, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in this field.
International Test Solutions, Inc. 
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